Proposes the establishment of the MSM Community Fast Track Programme Platform to act as a mechanism for policy advocacy around investments


The test is neither invasive nor time-consuming. It requires no blood, as it’s just a cheek swab. Results are available within 20 minutes

Study reveals that there are still large uncertainties and gaps in knowledge about the HIV incidence in many settings

I wish to applaud the Balochistan Health Minister for providing HIV/Aids diagnostic centers in the districts of the Province. Each patient would receive medical treatment of the disease freely. It is really a positive initiative, which can raise awareness about the disease, among people, who then can protect themselves. Only in Quetta 900 patients are […]

developed their risk score using data from self-administered questionnaires from the MOSAIC study in the Netherlands.

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) has announced approval of a five-year project and US$26 million grant to help Vietnam fight against HIV/AIDS

Through individual interviews and roundtable conversations, the group (some of whom are currently living with HIV, and some of whom, like Phoebe, are not) discuss how HIV — and the stigma around it — has affected their lives. READ FULL    

Singaporeans are more knowledgeable of HIV/AIDS preventive measures

HIV epidemic is concentrated among high risk groups, including men who have sex with men and sex workers, and the main mode of transmission is sex

The figures are based on voluntary disclosure by patients at the Integrated Counselling and Testing Centres

While AIDS deaths continue declining each year, the HIV/AIDS pandemic persists in the United States and throughout the world, with studies saying the cause is lack of funding, awareness and prevention. The World Health Organization reports 1.2 million worldwide deaths occurred in 2014 with 34 million people living with the infection. That’s down from the […]

Reliance industries voluntarily came forward to support the HIV infected and affected families

A smartphone app that can help HIV-infected men stay in their treatment course

He said things had come a long way for the LGBT community around the world, however there was much work that still had to be done

The first in vivo evidence that strains of chimpanzee-carried simian immunodeficiency viruses can infect human cells has been reported by a team of scientists